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What Started It All

What Started It All

Hello everyone!

I started Smart Corporate Outsource Solutions while living in China in 2012. At the time I was working as an Operations Analyst – among other roles, for a startup company in the centre of Beijing. The company’s remit was to help Chinese students with their overseas university applications by providing advice and counseling, as well as assisting with all paperwork and administration.

As Operations Analyst I was tasked with creating a Performance Measurement Management system to track accountabilities across all departments, as well as analysing company metrics for forecasting and for recommending options for future business strategy. Due to the size of the company at the time, I was also expected to work across multiple disciplines including IT, Accounting and Finance, as well as in Customer Relations. It was in these areas that I began to realise the possibility of compartmentalising small specific work related tasks, which could then be outsourced to individuals with the relevant expertise for a one-off fee. Continue reading “What Started It All”