Excel Tip #1 – Creating Your Own Template in Excel

Excel Tip #1 – Creating Your Own Template in Excel

Hello everyone!

So here is just a quick tip to get us started.

Let’s say you have an Excel document which you create regularly and that requires a cover sheet to be used which we want in the same format in each instance. This could be an information sheet or an about page for example. Instead of having to create this from scratch every time, we could create one version of this and save it as a template.

Here’s how.

Firstly, in a blank spreadsheet in a new workbook, create the information headers for the data you want to capture each time. You can also delete the unused tabs and name the tab you’re working on appropriately. An example of this is shown below.


Here we have fields for Title, Author, Date, document Version # and document Description. The desired formatting has also been applied and the working tab has been renamed ‘Information’.

Once the required changes have been made, the document should be saved as a template for future use. Go to File -> Save As and choose Excel Template in the Save as type drop-down box as below.


When the template format is selected, the directory in which the document will be saved automatically changes to the Templates folder. Name the document and hit Save.

Now, from a blank workbook you should be able to open your saved template by navigating to the My templates section and clicking on the file just created (see below). This generates a new file based on our template.


4That’s it. Why not give it a go.


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