Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Hello everyone!

I would like to take a few minutes to discuss the core values of the company, why I think they are essential, what each of them mean to me, why I chose them and why they are significant for the business and indeed our customers.

Our company core values are important to us because they drive all of our business decisions, and underpin the basic philosophy of the company.

Although often neglected by small business owners, I believe in the importance of core values because they help to define the beliefs of the business, support the underlying vision, as well as helping to mould company culture and ways of both thinking and behaving.

More specifically, core values are important for the following reasons;

  • They can help to align employees and new staff to the goals of the business by influencing behavior and inspiring positive action.
  • They can help to make the company distinct and give you a competitive edge in the market place.
  • They can help to demonstrate to customers and employees what traits the business sees as being vital for success.

The Smart Corporate Outsource Solutions core values reinforce each other in a growth cycle and represent completion of service for our customers, as well as professional development for our employees.

Taking each core value in turn we have;

  • Empathy – To me empathy is about understanding, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to see things from their perspective. It is defined as ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’ and without it, connecting with someone and appreciating how they feel on a meaningful level is almost impossible.

For the business, I see empathy as the first step in truly defining and clarifying the needs of our customers. In order to successfully provide valuable solutions that work, it is imperative that a client’s requirements and goals are fully understood.

  • Clarity – Having worked as an analyst for a number of years in a variety of different industries, both in the UK and abroad, I have experienced firsthand the dangers that a lack of clarity can cause. Clarity means being ‘coherent and intelligible’ and without it, projects can be fraught with misunderstandings, inefficiencies, and mistakes; leading to missed deadlines, wasted time and resources as well as unrealised goals.

Finding clarity is about asking the right questions to get to the heart of the problem. By inquiring incisively, our aim at Smart Corporate Outsource Solutions is to clearly identify the objectives of our customers to ensure that our solution is the best possible fit.

  • Humility – In my mind humility is an introspective value because it is about looking inwards and evaluating your weaknesses as well as your strengths. It is about knowing your limitations and not being afraid to ask for help or to admit fault. It is about the breaking down of ego by truly acknowledging one’s own inadequacies and shortfalls.

Within the business, humility relates to knowing where we can add value and stepping back if we know we can’t. To truly provide the best service possible, it is important to admit when a piece of work requires expertise which might sit outside the range of our skill set. This is acting with true professional integrity (see below).

  • Learning – This is perhaps the easiest core value to understand and it relates directly to humility above. It is really about up-skilling, improving knowledge and expertise, and looking out for new techniques and ways of doing things.

Bridging the gap between what we don’t know and what we do know is how I would like learning to be incorporated into the culture of the business. Simply put, if we are asked to do something which we can’t do, or don’t feel confident doing to the standard required, we will learn it so that we can do it in the future.

  • Integrity – In my opinion integrity is almost a meta-core value because without integrity, the other core values are almost meaningless. Integrity is defined as the ‘quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.’ It means delivering through on promises, being sincere about mistakes and problems, not letting people down and producing work to an agreed standard.

Integrity really forms the basis of superior customer service. It is about being genuine and truthful, and openly communicating with our customers. Working with integrity is what brings customers back, it is what makes for a productive working environment and it is the driving force behind successful service.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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